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What is a Ghost and What are Hauntings?

Ghosts and hauntings have been recorded since the beginning of the human race. One of the oldest reference and book about lost and dead, souls and spirits, is from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

What is the most straightforward definition of a ghost? It is a person’s spirit that exists after the physical body has died. Many ghost stories emphasis spirits that cling to the place of their death. Some, return from the hereafter to either communicate with people in the physical world or to haunt a building they lived in, and possibly died in, or a piece of property where they died, like soldiers killed in a battle and left to die on the battlefield.

Some spirits stay in this world because they have “unfinished business”. A violent or traumatic death is another reason for hauntings. In some cases, the spirit had formed a strong bond to a specific building or place in life, and so its spirit continues to remain there after death.

Negative energies can also be left behind from violent or negative people who lived or spent some time in a dwelling. 

Some hauntings are more like a movie replaying an event over and over again from the past. These hauntings are commonly found in old buildings, mansions and castles, along with old battlefields of some long-forgotten war.

Then there are ghosts that are classified as evil or dark entities. Many people believe some hauntings are caused by demons or even Satan himself. The Roman Catholic Church has specialized priests who are known to work solely with the types of demons that “possess” a living person. They believe the best way to get rid of these evil and dark entities is with an exorcism, which is a special religious ritual that was created and passed down through time, to cast the demons out. Exorcisms are not just for people though. They are sometimes needed and necessary to free a building from dark spirits.

Then, lastly, there are trapped dark souls who haunt this world because of ancient, and some not so ancient practices, like Occultism and the Black Magic arts. Some used blood-letting rituals and others used spells, sacred symbols, plants and brews to conjure their desires.

Do you hear sounds

Do you hear sounds in the attic, footsteps going up and down the hallway or staircase or are all your cupboard doors and drawers being opened nightly and the insides spewed about?

Unwanted visitors

Do you have unwanted visitors sleeping beside you in your bed or do you wake to find yourself being held down by some phantom and you can’t scream or move?


Or perhaps your ghost is one that taunts you by disappearing every time you try to look directly at it yet you can always see it in the corner of your eye?

Indications Your Building may be Haunted

Ghost Busting International gets rid of unwanted ghosts or entities or evil beings from any building, place or thing. Our team of well trained and qualified ghost hunters will travel to any location in the world. Our mission is to help free every, and any negative, trapped and dark energy that creates fear, anguish and nightmares for the living. We will go into any commercial, residential or ancient building and cross any continent to help you.

  • You constantly hear banging, walking or sounds coming from the attic.
  • You hear footsteps going up and down the hallway or staircase.
  • You wake up each morning to find your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers are wide open.
  • You have unwanted visitors sleeping beside you in your bed.
  • You wake to find yourself being held down by some phantom and you can’t scream or move.
  • You are always having nightmares.
  • Lights, electrical appliances and/or computers turn on and off by themselves.
  • You have a ghost that taunts you by disappearing every time you try to look directly at it, yet you can always see it in the corner of your eye.
  • You keep feeling like someone is in the room with you.
  • You have a chair that rocks by itself or you can feel someone sit down next to you on the couch or bed.
  • When a ghost comes around your hair stands on end, you get goosebumps or it feels like a deep deadly cold wind has just passed through you.
  • You see ghostly shapes.
  • Your children keep telling you they can’t sleep because of the ‘boggy man or the monsters’ in their closet, under their bed or in the corner of their room.
  • Your dog or cat is staring up at the ceiling, or running up and down the hallway barking or meowing at something or perhaps they are just acting strangely like staring at the corner of the room, at the closet door, or doing other out of character, weird things.
  • You have heard stories of people dying or committing suicide on the land or in the building.
  • There are strange and unaccounted for noises day and/or night.

Then it is time to call Ghost Busting International.

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